FH Trackers


All healthcare is local. Disease prevalence and healthcare procedures and costs vary with geography. FAIR Health can shine a spotlight on the location you want to study and the information you need.

We can provide customized data analyses and visualizations on the level of a geozip (a geographic region typically defined by the first three digits of a zip code), a combination of geozips, a state, a multistate region or the nation. The questions we can answer include:

  • What states have the most private insurance claims for a condition?
  • How has utilization for the condition changed over time?
  • What age and gender groups are most likely to be diagnosed?
  • What are the most common and costly procedures for the condition?

All healthcare stakeholders benefit from this geographic window into the data, including federal and state governments, policy makers, researchers, patient advocacy groups, regional associations, payors, providers and manufacturers.

For more information on how analyses and visualizations can be customized to your particular needs, see Custom Solutions.