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FAIR Health has earned the trust of many of the nation’s largest health plans, which rely on us to store, de-identify, aggregate and analyze their claims information. Our security policies, processes and protocols meet the industry’s most exacting standards, as demonstrated by our HITRUST, SOC 2 and CMS QE certifications.


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Sep 2023

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FAIR Health Board Access Interview with Grace Wong

Having recently joined the FAIR Health Board of Directors, Grace Wong brings a unique viewpoint as a widely respected healthcare executive. Ms. Wong spoke with FAIR Health Access about the evolving healthcare environment, the challenges and opportunities facing hospitals and health systems, and the role of transparency in the healthcare sector.

Nearly 60 Percent of Ground Ambulance Rides Were Out of Network in 2022, according to New FAIR Health Study

Out-of-network ground ambulance rides accounted for a larger percentage of ground ambulance claim lines than in-network rides from 2018 to 2022. In 2022, out-of-network transport accounted for 59.4 percent of all ground ambulance claim lines, while in-network transports made up 40.6 percent of the distribution. These and other findings are reported in a new FAIR Health brief, A Window into Utilization and Cost of Ground Ambulance Services: A National Study of Private Healthcare Claims.

New FAIR Health Study Examines Use of Telehealth in Connecticut from 2020 to 2022

A new study from FAIR Health examines the use of telehealth in Connecticut from 2020 to 2022. The study has been released as a white paper entitled Telehealth in Connecticut: An Analysis of Private Healthcare Claims Focusing on Areas with Greater Minority Populations.

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Fall 2023

Consumers turn to the quarterly FAIR Health Consumer Access® for tips on navigating the healthcare system and estimating the real cost of healthcare.

Healthcare Proxies and Advance Healthcare Directives

What if a serious accident, injury or illness affected your ability to make decisions? Have you thought about what care you’d want? Healthcare proxies and advance healthcare directives can help you plan your care if you ever lose the ability to communicate clearly. This article will tell you about your options for planning your healthcare decisions ahead of time.

Fall Is Open Enrollment Season

Now that fall is here, it’s a good time to think about health insurance. That’s because fall is open enrollment season—the time of year when you can sign up for a health plan or make changes to the plan you have.

Types of Health Plans

When shopping for a health plan, you may see a plan described as an HMO, PPO, POS or EPO. Those abbreviations are important because the coverage, rules and typical costs differ for each type of plan.