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FAIR Health has earned the trust of many of the nation’s largest health plans, which rely on us to store, de-identify, aggregate and analyze their claims information. Our security policies, processes and protocols meet the industry’s most exacting standards, as demonstrated by our HITRUST, SOC 2 and CMS QE certifications.


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Mar 2024

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Coming Soon: FH® Healthcare Indicators and FH® Medical Price Index 2024

On March 26, FAIR Health will release the seventh annual edition of two valued measures that provide perspective in a rapidly changing healthcare environment: FH® Healthcare Indicators and FH® Medical Price Index. Drawing on the independent nonprofit’s national database of billions of private healthcare claims, these two measures apply different approaches to illuminate different aspects of the national healthcare sector. Both will be presented in a white paper entitled FH® Healthcare Indicators and FH® Medical Price Index 2024: An Annual View of Place of Service Trends and Medical Pricing.

FAIR Health Data Serve Stop-Loss Insurance Carriers

Stop-loss insurance, coverage for self-insured employee health plans, often relies on data to support policy development. In order to underwrite these policies, stop-loss carriers model various healthcare trends to project costs for the health plan’s healthcare services covered in the policy. FAIR Health’s ever-expanding data repository, now totaling over 46 billion private healthcare claim records, can help stop-loss carriers evaluate risk and predict future medical costs.

FAIR Health Data Can Inform Medicaid Programs

FAIR Health commercial claims data can inform Medicaid programs, as it is doing in New Hampshire. FAIR Health’s repository of over 46 billion private healthcare claim records can provide a useful backdrop for Medicaid officials in informing dispute resolution and fee schedule development and studying treatment protocols and utilization patterns.

FAIR Health Consumer Access ®

Winter 2024

Consumers turn to the quarterly FAIR Health Consumer Access® for tips on navigating the healthcare system and estimating the real cost of healthcare.

FAIR Health Launches Healthy Decisions for Healthy Aging Campaign

With generous support from The John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF), FAIR Health has launched Healthy Decisions for Healthy Aging. This is a national campaign to spread the news about This website has healthcare educational tools and resources for older adults and their caregivers. The campaign uses messaging and visuals to empower older adults and their caregivers to make educated healthcare decisions.

Managing Costs for Day Programs for the Elderly and Disabled Younger Adults

An adult day program is a type of long-term care program you go to during the day. Some programs provide needed health services or personal care, like bathing or dressing. Others mostly provide fun and social things to do. Program costs vary, but most aren’t covered by health insurance. This article will tell you some ways to manage costs for adult day programs.

Spotlight on Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a group of mental health conditions that have to do with eating behaviors. A new FAIR Health report found that from 2018 to 2022, eating disorder claim lines rose by 65 percent. Also, almost three-quarters of patients with eating disorders had some other kind of mental health condition as well.