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FAIR Health has earned the trust of many of the nation’s largest health plans, which rely on us to store, de-identify, aggregate and analyze their claims information. Our security policies, processes and protocols meet the industry’s most exacting standards, as demonstrated by our HITRUST, SOC 2 and CMS QE certifications.


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Jun 2024

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FAIR Health Access Interview with Robin Gelburd, President of FAIR Health

When Robin Gelburd, founding President of FAIR Health, was selected to helm the newly created nonprofit organization nearly 15 years ago, there was no precedent for an organization that would bring such an unparalleled visibility into the healthcare system. As Ms. Gelburd plans to step down from her role, targeting her retirement for the end of the year, she spoke with FAIR Health Access about FAIR Health’s pioneering role over the past 15 years and what she is most looking forward to in her next chapter.

FAIR Health Consumer Access ®

Summer 2024

Consumers turn to the quarterly FAIR Health Consumer Access® for tips on navigating the healthcare system and estimating the real cost of healthcare.

Coverage for Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis can change your life. While cancer care will differ by individual circumstances and the type of cancer, identifying ways to cover the costs associated with cancer can help you plan. This guide will help you to understand your options to pay for cancer care.

FAIR Health Updates Cost of Giving Birth Tracker

FAIR Health has just updated the Cost of Giving Birth Tracker. This is a free, online tool that tracks the cost of giving birth in each state and nationwide.

How to Speak with Your Healthcare Provider to Make Informed Healthcare Decisions

Visiting your doctor or other healthcare provider? Whether you’re seeing your provider in person or online, good communication between you and your provider is key to getting the most out of your visit. Here are some tips to maximize your visit and make informed choices about your health.