Research on Private Claims Data

Academics, government agencies, policy makers, clinical researchers, commercial R&D analysts, think tanks and others are advancing their research with FAIR Health data. The data in our repository of more than 32 billion private healthcare claim records dating from 2002 to the present—the nation’s largest such collection—are national and comprehensive. The data are contributed by payors and administrators who insure or process claims for private insurance plans (both fully insured, state-regulated plans and federally regulated, self-insured employer plans) covering more than 150 million individuals. Offering the nation’s most complete picture of the costs and utilization of privately billed medical and dental procedures, the information in our FH NPIC® (National Private Insurance Claims) database provides insights into a wide range of topics, among them trends in costs and practice patterns, clinical issues, geographic variations in healthcare prices, and changing venues of care. Approximately 65 million covered lives annually are trackable longitudinally in the repository.

Using our state-of-the-art technology, FAIR Health can provide analytics customized to researchers’ particular needs. Based on researchers’ specifications, FAIR Health also can extract custom datasets that can include de-identified member IDs trackable over time, patients’ age and gender, ICD-9 and ICD-10 procedure codes, geographic specificity, professionals’ specialties and more. Our data can inform a broad spectrum of studies, such as:

  • Identifying trends in utilization and cost across places of service/venues of care;
  • Using de-identified member data to track patients’ beginning-to-end treatment paths;
  • Tracking trends in diagnoses over time;
  • Illustrating a hypothesis with the support of real-world data;
  • Conducting population health analyses;
  • Studying current issues affecting the national healthcare system; and
  • Assessing the influence of laws and regulations..

FAIR Health makes data and analytics available to researchers for studies on the full range of topics supported by our repository. We do not limit researchers’ topics or theses. Our licensing fees are compatible with most research budgets.

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User Story

Evaluating Care Quality in Relation to Price
Researchers from a leading academic institution used an FH NPIC dataset for their study of the correlation between the quality and efficiency of care delivered by physician practices and the prices charged to consumers for that care.