Data Contribution

Join the “Chorus” of Data Trusted by the Healthcare Industry

As a FAIR Health data contributor, your organization’s experience is represented in a database increasingly used by government agencies as an official data source for numerous health policy and consumer protection initiatives in addition to many other uses within the industry. Valued data contributors will benefit by participation that demonstrates the goodwill of using data to help inform cost transparency and negotiations. Benefits of contribution include:

  • Participation in the “chorus” of the cost transparency solution with an independent, conflict-free organization;
  • Incorporation of data in industry-recognized, trusted benchmarks—with the knowledge that you are “part of the solution” in advancing the movement toward cost transparency and clarity in healthcare reimbursement;
  • Sizable discounts to licensing fees for FAIR Health data products;
  • Custom analytic solutions based on an organization’s data in relation to overall market data;
  • Eligibility for nonpublic reports, developed by FAIR Health as a CMS Qualified Entity, utilizing the contributor’s data either in contrast to or in combination with de-identified Medicare data and information from our private claims repository;
  • Contributing organization’s data can be included in reports on topical, time-sensitive, emerging issues such as COVID-19, telehealth usage, the No Surprises Act (NSA) and healthcare transparency regulations; and
  • Data validation feedback reports based on the quality of the data submission and detailed specifics of the submission. This information can help identify billing issues and other anomalies and open a window into that month’s data, including the diagnoses presenting, the procedures being billed and the types of claims incurred.

Full Scope of Claims Data for All Coverage Types

Contributors are encouraged to submit all data elements from all claims for the full range of services for which they provide coverage (e.g., professional, facility, dental). Our comprehensive data contribution program assures FAIR Health products are robust, mirror the market and enable our clients to make decisions based on data they trust.

Include Your Data in the Nation’s Top Claims Resource

FAIR Health employs several recognized statistical methodologies to aggregate claims data for use in its benchmarks. In fulfillment of our mission, we are transparent about the methods we use to organize data, which have been vetted by independent experts in healthcare economics and statistics.

Contact us to learn if you qualify to become a contributor.

Add your experience to the database that is informing decisions about healthcare nationwide.

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Speak to a FAIR Health representative about enrolling in the data contribution program, contact FAIR Health by email or call FAIR Health client services toll-free at 1-855-301-FAIR (3247), Monday through Friday,
9 am to 6 pm ET.

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