The Data You Need; the Format That Works for You

Benchmark Data Products

Providing tried-and-true solutions to daily operational functions, FAIR Health’s family of charge and allowed benchmark products have become the industry-standard claims data resource. Stakeholders nationwide depend on our benchmarks for claims adjudication, fee schedule development, strategic business decisions and much more.

Policy Analysis

With the knowledge that FAIR Health is independent and that decisions based on our unbiased, objective claims data are broadly accepted across constituent groups, federal and state legislators, government agencies and other stakeholders turn to FAIR Health for assistance in evaluating a wide range of policies and regulations.

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Custom Solutions

FAIR Health recognizes that each organization has unique needs for claims data—and that meeting those needs can require highly customized datasets and analytics. We go beyond packaged products to offer you custom datasets and analyses that focus on the procedures, de-identified patient treatment history, venues of care, geographic areas and other elements you may wish to analyze. We also offer interactive data dashboards and visualization tools that can bring your insights to life.

FH® Market Reports

The healthcare sector is complex and constantly changing. Healthcare stakeholders need information that will clarify the fundamental indicators and patterns that are otherwise often obscure. To help meet that need, FAIR Health offers two FH Market Reports—FH® Healthcare Indicators and the FH® Medical Price Index —as well as customized versions of both reports.

Consumer Resources

When it comes to navigating today’s complex world of health coverage, what consumers don’t know can hurt them. FAIR Health’s acclaimed suite of tools and educational resources helps consumers—including your plan members or employees—estimate costs for medical and dental care by location and understand how health insurance and reimbursement work. These resources, which can be customized and co-branded, are available online, through a mobile app and through a data feed to your web applications.

FH Trackers

FAIR Health data offer a window into each state. Our customized data analyses and visualizations provide a picture of the health conditions and healthcare procedures you may want to examine, whether on the level of a state, a location within a state, a multistate region or the nation.

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