Independent, Credible Data to Power Tomorrow’s Technology Solutions

In today’s changing healthcare environment, innovative technology solutions require data that can enlighten the market and, at the same time, satisfy stakeholders’ standards for credibility. To help ensure that cutting-edge applications and systems are reliable, competitive and of maximum utility to users, technology innovators need data that represent a comprehensive, up-to-date record of services being utilized and their market-level costs—from an independent, conflict-free source.

A trusted resource maintaining the private claims data that businesses, policy makers, state governments, researchers and consumers alike depend upon, FAIR Health offers allowed amount and billed charge benchmark data for a wide range of service types, as well as custom analyses and de-identified claims data that can shed light on health conditions, public health issues and utilization. Available in an array of formats easily incorporated into most systems and configurations, our FH® Benchmarks and FH NPIC® (National Private Insurance Claims) data can be used to feed technology applications, build alternative reimbursement models, power healthcare applications and much more.

Examples of the many ways FAIR Health data can be a key ingredient in technology solutions include:

  • FAIR Health data can fuel cost calculators;
  • Claims solution vendors can load our FH Benchmarks into their claims processing platforms; and
  • Technology consultants can use our data to help clients effectively manage their reimbursement cycle.


User Story

A Flexible Solution for Vendor and Clients
A technology solutions vendor uses its proprietary software platform to support claims adjudication for clients that license FAIR Health’s FH Benchmarks for claims processing. FAIR Health engaged directly with that vendor to review the formats that work best and to provide optimal support and service to the many clients we have in common.