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FH Medical Price Index

The FH Medical Price Index tracks growth in median billed charges and median allowed amounts in six medical procedure categories across a five-year span. This information is critical to anyone with a financial stake in the healthcare sector.

Tracking Pricing across a Five-Year Span

The FH Medical Price Index presents a five-year overview of the weighted average growth in median billed charges and median allowed amounts in six key procedure categories:

  • Professional evaluation and management (E&M; excluding E&Ms performed in a hospital setting);
  • Hospital E&M (excluding E&Ms performed in a professional setting, such as typical office visits);
  • Medicine (excluding E&Ms);
  • Surgery (procedures for which the physician would bill);
  • Pathology and laboratory (including both technical and professional components, e.g., both equipment and physician services); and
  • Radiology (including both technical and professional components).

The current categories emphasize professional fees and related costs and do not reflect facility fees.

By making May 2012 the base month to which values in later periods are compared, the FH Medical Price Index establishes a consistent point of reference that makes it easy to identify and compare pricing shifts.

The first release of the FH Medical Price Index, as reported on in the white paper FH Healthcare Indicators™ and FH Medical Price Index™: A New View of Place of Service Trends and Medical Pricing, showed increasing prices in every procedure category, but also differences in the extent of those increases, and sudden rises and dips as well as more steady growth.

Although the FH Medical Price Index is national in scope with defined procedure categories, FAIR Health can prepare indices customized to your needs—for example, highlighting targeted geographic areas and procedure categories or itemized time periods. You can obtain them in a variety of formats, including white papers, PowerPoint presentations or stand-alone visualizations. Learn more about such FH Custom Analytics here.