Christine O'Donnell

Executive Director, Workers’ Compensation and PIP

Chris O’Donnell directs the workers’ compensation and personal injury protection (PIP) unit at FAIR Health. In this capacity, she leads state engagements to evaluate fee schedules and support updates to both policy guidelines and reimbursement amounts, and to support states with their fee schedule needs. She also leads FAIR Health’s customer service team, supporting multiple stakeholder groups, including consumers, providers, payors and other commercial businesses. Chris has been with FAIR Health since 2011, serving in marketing, operations and workers’ compensation roles. Prior to joining FAIR Health, Chris ran her own consulting practice, helping financial services organizations develop user-friendly products and processes. Earlier in her career, Chris was the Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for the voluntary benefits division at Prudential Financial and managed individual retirement accounts for Wells Fargo Bank. Chris is a graduate of Middlebury College with a BA in Economics.