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FH NPIC® Claims Data

The FH NPIC (National Private Insurance Claims) database—our industry-leading collection of privately billed medical and dental procedures—is based on data contributions from payors nationwide. FAIR Health collects all data fields reported on medical and dental claims, including diagnoses, procedures, dates and places of service. FAIR Health licenses de-identified, aggregated datasets where appropriate for academic, policy and commercial research.

Broad Potential for Research and Longitudinal Studies

The FH NPIC (National Private Insurance Claims) database includes information found on medical and dental claim forms for billions of services billed through private health insurance. Custom, de-identified, aggregated datasets can be designed and actualized from the database to support various types of studies, including cost, utilization and venue of care analyses.

In addition, de-identified member IDs for millions of patients make it possible to track their treatment path over time and support longitudinal studies that follow patients by diagnosis, where they receive healthcare and other dimensions. Our data can support many types of studies, including:

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  • Tracking readmissions and courses of treatment;
  • The transition to alternative venues of care;
  • Following a de-identified patient’s healthcare journey and providers’ practice patterns over time;
  • Identifying populations and measuring trends related to diseases and conditions;
  • Conducting cost and utilization analyses; and
  • Identifying variations in conditions and treatments in different populations, including such variables as age band, gender and geographic location.
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