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Original Educational Content

The original articles and videos in FH® Insurance Basics explain in easy-to-understand terms how medical and dental coverage and insurance reimbursement work. Our educational content also includes resource links, a glossary and a healthcare quality toolkit. Increase your members’ and employees’ health insurance literacy by licensing and co-branding our educational content.

Improve Health Insurance Literacy with Educational Resources

Our FH Insurance Basics curriculum features original articles and videos that explain the ins and outs of medical and dental insurance in easy-to-understand terms—and provides individuals with guidance and tips for getting the most out of their coverage.

Our curriculum includes more than 40 plain-language articles written and reviewed by experts in health insurance literacy to ensure that they are accessible to individuals at a range of reading levels. Article topics range from understanding medical bills and EOBs to choosing between types of health plans, when to use out-of-network care, how to plan for costs and deciding between types of care venues.

FH Insurance Basics can be licensed and made available under your organization’s name and brand—enabling your members and employees to assess their open enrollment options, take charge of managing their coverage and more.

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Our educational content also includes links to external resources on such topics as costs, locating providers, and insurance appeals and assistance. A glossary explains the meaning of common terms related to medical and dental care and insurance. And the FH® Healthcare Quality Toolkit is a guide to understanding and comparing the quality of different healthcare providers.

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