Benchmark Data Products

Total Treatment Cost

Treating complex conditions like type 2 diabetes can involve a number of different services, supplies, tests and physician-administered medications. FH Total Treatment Cost provides estimates of the typical costs for all components of caring for certain chronic conditions (like asthma), event-based procedures (like a knee replacement) and acute conditions (such as pregnancy or COVID-19). By offering real market data based on claims for the full range of procedures related to common courses of treatment, this tool provides a clear view of total billed amounts for affiliated treatments and the amounts that are typically paid to in-network providers.

Key Elements of Bundled Pricing Analyses

FH Total Treatment Cost covers the patient’s beginning-to-end treatment path, including multiple office visits, professional and facility care, follow-up visits, testing, physical therapy, equipment, specialty drugs and other related procedures and services. In the case of chronic conditions, a year of care is covered.

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FH Total Treatment Cost offers:
  • Thorough cost information. Benchmarks based on billed charges and estimated, in-network allowed amounts for nearly 50 chronic, event-based and acute conditions.
  • Comprehensive interface. An easy-to-use tool that permits the user to select a condition and view costs for all services that are typically related.
  • Geographic representation. The benchmarks are grouped into 493 geozips—geographic areas typically based on the first three digits of a zip code or group of zip codes—allowing national and local comparisons.
  • Current claims. The data are based on a 12-month window of claims, refreshed twice a year.
  • Robust database. FAIR Health products are based on our large database, the largest claims repository in the country.
  • FAIR Health statisticians put the data through rigorous validation processes to ensure their integrity.
  • Customized preferences. The benchmarks are available as flat files that can be loaded to internal systems and, with a user-friendly interface, tailored to individualized Excel reports.

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