Solutions Benchmark Data Products


Offering convenient, streamlined access to FH Benchmarks data organized by procedure and geographic location, FH Online enables users to quickly and easily find the data points they need to perform essential business and operations functions.

Pinpoint the Benchmark Data You Need with This User-Friendly Web-Based Tool

With FH Online, claims administrators, customer service representatives and others can quickly look up benchmarks to research costs, respond to plan member inquiries, find information needed for appeals and much more.

Available at affordable licensing fees, this user-friendly website offers:

  • Access to data contained in our service-specific FH Benchmarks—FH Medical, FH Dental, FH Anesthesia, FH Inpatient Facility, FH Outpatient Facility, FH ASC Facility and FH HCPCS; as well as FH Allowed Medical, FH Allowed Dental, FH Allowed Anesthesia, FH Allowed Outpatient Facility and FH Allowed HCPCS;
  • Over 10,000 procedure codes in 493 distinct geographic areas across the US;
  • A range of benchmark values from the 50th to 95th percentiles (25th to 95th in some formats) for each procedure code/geographic area combination, in addition to the mean (average) median (middle) and mode (most frequently occurring) charge in certain formats;
  • Frequencies provided in many modules for procedures that are commonly performed in a given geographic area; and
  • Option to download results to a PDF or Excel file.

FH Online can be licensed in conjunction with any of our FH Benchmarks modules or as a stand-alone product to provide unlimited access to module data. In addition, subscriptions are available for a pre-set number of searches.