Benchmark Data Products

FH Fee Estimator® for Healthcare Professionals

This website offers easy access to up-to-date, professional fee benchmarks organized by clinical specialty and market area that can help physicians, dentists and practice managers develop strategies to improve the financial health of their practices.

Easy, Affordable Access to Charge Data by Specialty and Location

Understanding the range of charges in the local market can offer invaluable insights for physicians and practice managers—from informing negotiations with payors to helping create and model fee schedules. FH Fee Estimator, an easy-to-use website, provides immediate access to up-to-date benchmarks for nondiscounted fees for service as reported by healthcare professionals.

Available for dentistry and more than 40 medical clinical specialties in 493 geographic areas across the country, benchmark charges are provided from the 50th to the 95th percentiles. Medicare fees are provided as well.

Physicians, dentists and practice managers use this tool to:

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  • Model fee schedules;
  • Evaluate and negotiate network participation;
  • Assess expansion opportunities for new clinical or geographical areas;
  • Project revenue associated with the purchase or lease of equipment;
  • Compare practice data to local market data and Medicare fees; and
  • Help patients understand insurance concepts with a library of co-branded articles.

FH Fee Estimator is available for license by physicians, dentists and practice managers at

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