Kentucky Selects FAIR Health to Help Update Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule

Pursuant to a competitive bidding process, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has chosen FAIR Health to help analyze, revise and update its workers’ compensation fee schedule. This marks the third consecutive cycle of collaboration between FAIR Health and Kentucky.

FAIR Health will work closely with Kentucky to update the ground rules and rate tables for the workers’ compensation fee schedule for physicians, including medical, anesthesia, transportation, HCPCS and dental procedures. The fee schedule will be informed by data from FAIR Health’s repository of billions of privately billed claims. FAIR Health also will assist officials from the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims in presenting the fee schedule to workers’ compensation stakeholders before finalization.

FAIR Health was awarded the contracts for supporting Kentucky the two last times that the Commonwealth updated its workers’ compensation fee schedules (in 2013 and 2016). On both of those occasions, FAIR Health’s participation resulted from competitive bidding processes.

FAIR Health President Robin Gelburd stated: “We are pleased to assist again the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its Department of Workers’ Claims in their efforts to maintain a current, geographically relevant and comprehensive fee schedule that continues to meet the needs of injured workers and all stakeholders. Our experience shows us that states are best served by a fee schedule that is specific to the needs of their jurisdiction and developed using data that have been validated by an independent, neutral organization to satisfy the interests of all parties.”

FAIR Health is already working with, or is in discussions with, a number of states relating to the development of their workers’ compensation fee schedules. FAIR Health data are not only the basis for fee schedules in some states, but also serve as a primary data source for private companies that process workers’ compensation claims in the absence of a state fee schedule.

Workers’ compensation is one of many areas in which states use FAIR Health data. FAIR Health data are also referenced in statutes, regulations and official memoranda around the country as the designated source of cost information for a variety of state health programs, such as consumer protection laws involving balance billing, emergency services, dispute resolution and auto liability programs, to name a few.