FAIR Health Offers Open Enrollment Resources for Consumers

With the fall comes open enrollment season, when individuals can sign up for or make changes to a health plan. For professionals who interact with healthcare consumers, we offer fairhealthconsumer.org, a resource you can share with your members or employees that provides clear, easy-to-understand information about healthcare costs and health insurance. The website also can be licensed as a whole or in part for internal use as a reference as you interact with members or employees.

FAIR Health Consumer

Consumers are being asked to take more responsibility for managing their healthcare costs, yet they often have a limited understanding of health insurance plans. Professionals who interact with healthcare consumers—such as enrollment personnel, brokers and human resources (HR) professionals—need high-quality information to offer their employees and members so that they can make informed decisions about their health insurance needs and plan for future costs. Professionals also need a reference guide for their own use that helps them explain complex concepts to employees and members.

To help meet these needs, we offer FAIR Health Consumer, which has been recognized by numerous healthcare sector and government leaders (including the White House Summit on Smart Disclosure and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance) as a highly effective tool for consumer engagement. The website is available in both English and Spanish (as fairhealthconsumidor.org). You can license all or part of FAIR Health Consumer, which can be private-labeled to appear with your own brand logo and colors.

FAIR Health Consumer includes the FH® Medical Cost Estimator and FH Dental Cost Estimator, which enable consumers to look up typical medical or dental costs in their geographic area by zip code. The site also contains FH Consumer Classroom, featuring Insurance Basics, original articles and videos that explain in an accessible way how health insurance works. The consumer website also features the FH Healthcare Quality Toolkit and a resources section with links to helpful insurance- and health-oriented websites.

These consumer resources are available through a mobile app as well. Like the website, the app comes in both English (FH Cost Lookup) and Spanish (FH CCSalud), available via iTunes and Google Play.

Customized Licensing

Your organization can license all or parts of FAIR Health Consumer, according to your needs. For instance, you may wish to license the entire website, providing full access to all of our consumer tools. With specialty branding, the website can be customized to appear with your corporate name, brand and color palette; the website can also include customized content to meet the particular needs of your target audience.

Alternatively, by licensing our API you can provide your members and employees with access to up-to-date benchmark costs for thousands of medical and dental procedures through your website, mobile app or member portal. Or, you may choose to provide access to educational materials, including Insurance Basics, Resources and the FH Healthcare Quality Toolkit. HR professionals can license our informational tools for your own reference when you interact with employees.

Benefits of Licensing FAIR Health Consumer Resources

Offering FAIR Health’s unbiased, comprehensive consumer resources benefits both your organization and your employees or members. Licensees report improved member satisfaction, appropriate benefit utilization, increased use of network services, fewer service calls and, as a result, lower plan costs.

For more information about licensing a private-label version of our consumer resources, contact us by email at info@fairhealth.org or call us at 855-301-3247, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm ET.