FAIR Health Hosts Webinar on Its Free, Award-Winning Consumer Resources

April 25, 2024

On April 17, FAIR Health hosted a webinar. It was called “Fifteen Years of Advancing Health Literacy and Cost Transparency: A Free Webinar on FAIR Health’s Award-Winning Consumer Resources.” This webinar was about FAIR Health’s free, national, award-winning consumer resources. These resources help to make health insurance information clear. They help consumers plan for their healthcare costs and use the healthcare system. The slide deck from the webinar can be found here.

Founded 15 years ago, FAIR Health offers free, consumer-friendly tools and resources on the website FAIR Health Consumer and the mobile app FH® Consumer Classroom.

FAIR Health Consumer
FAIR Health’s consumer website can be used in English (fairhealthconsumer.org) and Spanish (fairhealthconsumidor.org). It lets you estimate and plan for your healthcare costs. It also offers a rich educational platform on health insurance.

These tools and resources are featured on the consumer website:

  • FH® Medical Cost Lookup Tool and FH® Dental Cost Lookup Tool. These tools let you estimate costs for medical and dental care by procedure and location. You can also explore cost estimates in nearby areas.
  • Body Part Procedure Locator. This tool uses a map of the human body to help you find medical procedures and the estimated costs for those procedures in your location. To use it, you only need to know the part of your body that is affected.
  • FH® Total Treatment Cost. This tool gives you estimates of the typical costs for all components of care for certain chronic conditions (like asthma), event-based procedures (like a knee replacement) and acute conditions (such as COVID-19).
  • Shoppable Services Tool. This easy-to-use tool lets you browse through more than 300 shoppable services, or search for a specific service. You can do so using the same procedure codes that hospitals and doctors use to bill for services.
  • Shared Decision-Making Feature. This section introduces you to shared decision making—the patient-clinician discussion about treatment options. It also has decision aids that combine clinical and cost information. They can help you engage in shared decision making with health professionals.
  • Older Adults Feature. This section offers tools and resources to help older patients and their caregivers make informed healthcare choices. Included are decision aids and total treatment cost scenarios for serious health conditions that affect older adults. Also included are checklists and educational content on topics such as financial health literacy.
  • FH® Insurance Basics. This is an original series of articles and videos that explain how health coverage works. Making complex topics clear, FH Insurance Basics helps you decide which plan option is right for you. It helps you find explanations of terms and concepts relevant to your health plans. It helps you understand your medical bills, grasp the differences among care settings and more.
  • Resource Links, Glossary and Healthcare Quality Toolkit. Other features include links to outside resources that can help you with your health and health insurance. There is a glossary of commonly used medical, dental and health insurance terms. And there is a healthcare quality toolkit that can help you compare the quality of healthcare providers.

FH Consumer Classroom
FH Consumer Classroom is a free mobile app. It offers FAIR Health’s consumer content in a concise, user-friendly format. The app is available in English and Spanish on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

FAIR Health’s consumer resources have been recognized by scores of media outlets nationwide. They have received honors from healthcare sector and government leaders.

This information, and more, can be found in the webinar presentation. To view the slides presented in the webinar, click here.