FAIR Health Chosen to Update Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedules

In September, FAIR Health signed a contract with the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission to assist in updating its medical and dental fee schedules every three years and to provide updates in the interim years. The implementation and project plan kickoff took place on October 15.

Working closely with workers’ compensation officials throughout the process, FAIR Health will update the rate tables and guidelines for Mississippi’s Workers’ Compensation fee schedules for 2019 and provide maintenance updates in 2020 and 2021. Updates will be performed in the interim years to keep up with additions and deletions of codes and apply payment methodologies to new codes. FAIR Health will also manage the distribution of the medical and dental fee schedules in both electronic and hard-copy formats through our website.

FAIR Health President Robin Gelburd stated: “We are gratified to have been chosen by the State of Mississippi to help maintain timely and relevant fee schedules that meet the needs of injured workers and all stakeholders. FAIR Health provides the highest level of service to our clients not only by working closely with state workers’ compensation professionals during the development process, but by helping with questions that may arise after the fee schedule is published.”

FAIR Health has been engaged by a number of states to help them revise workers’ compensation fee schedules that are specific to their varying needs. For the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, FAIR Health has updated and distributed the workers’ compensation fee schedule annually since 2015. We also helped the state develop its first-ever dental fee schedule in 2017 and introduce ambulatory surgery center rates in 2018. The Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims has contracted with FAIR Health since 2013 to revise its workers’ compensation fee schedule, which is updated every two to three years.

As an independent, neutral organization, FAIR Health is a trusted source of data that can help to create consensus among diverse stakeholders. FAIR Health serves as a primary data source for administrators, bill review companies and other organizations that process workers’ compensation claims for states that lack a workers’ compensation fee schedule or to value services that are not included in a state’s fee schedule.

FAIR Health also assists our state workers’ compensation clients by performing analyses of subjects of special interest, for example, costs for air ambulance service and telehealth coverage. FAIR Health has assisted states in providing alternatives for valuing services in potentially contentious areas, such as drug screening, and devices and implants used in outpatient surgery.

For information about the wide range of services and data products FAIR Health offers state health programs and initiatives, including workers’ compensation programs, contact us by email at info@fairhealth.org or call us at 855-301-3247, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm ET.