A Most Unusual Journey

Letter from the President

It is often said that “timing is everything.” Never has this phrase been truer than when speaking of the creation of FAIR Health.

FAIR Health was born a decade ago—at a time when the Affordable Care Act was the subject of intense scrutiny and feverish discussions continued on other aspects of reform. It was also soon after the passage of the Mental Health Parity Act and the recognition of the need for greater access to, and coverage for, behavioral health services. And, it was a time when consumers began asking more and more questions about their share of out-of-pocket costs for medical services and scrutinizing with greater care their insurance documents and medical bills. At that time, we also saw the beginnings of a markedly different healthcare ecosystem emerge as new venues for healthcare services started to take root, such as retail clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care centers and telehealth.

FAIR Health was born against this backdrop of change and desire for transparency in healthcare costs and insurance information. In an almost prophetic way, the time was right for an independent organization—i.e., FAIR Health—to shine a light on every corner of the healthcare system. It has been a true privilege to be part of the journey that took a settlement agreement brimming with promise—and with recognition of the need for unbiased, clear and comprehensive healthcare data—and transform it into that trusted source of light for all stakeholders. Needless to say—this journey would not have been possible without the stewardship of the Board and the extraordinary talents of the FAIR Health staff.

The Journey Continues—

Robin Gelburd
President, FAIR Health

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