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Unmatched Data Assets Made Actionable for All Stakeholders

FAIR Health is dedicated to maximizing the productive use of our claims data—a resource that sets the industry standard for reliability, security and breadth.

Presenting a complete, regionally specific picture of healthcare cost and utilization in today’s marketplace, our data collection includes:

  • Billions of billed medical and dental procedures contributed by private insurers and administrators that process claims for plans covering more than 150 million individuals; and
  • Medicare Parts A, B and D claims data, received from CMS through our Qualified Entity certification, reflecting claims for all of the lives covered by Medicare, which represented over 58 million individuals as of 2017.

FAIR Health collects, validates, organizes and packages our data using methodologies developed by academic experts. Our experienced and forward-looking staff harnesses that data to make accurate, consistent and timely healthcare information available to all stakeholders, in the formats that best meet their needs.

Customized Support for Strategic Decision Making and Research

We license our privately billed charge and allowed data through a broad range of products—FH® Benchmarks, FH Custom Analytics, FH Episodes of Care Analytics and FH Episodes of Care Benchmarks, FH Dashboards, region- and specialty-specific datasets and market indices—to researchers, insurers, businesses, government agencies, healthcare systems and others. Our data are used to provide insight into clinical developments and quality of care through longitudinal studies; analyze episodes of care for an organization’s own patient or member population and compare the organization’s results to national benchmarks; shed light on trends in utilization, place of service and practice patterns; and much more.

Award-Winning Consumer Resources

Our data power free tools for consumers, available via the FAIR Health Consumer website and the FH Cost Lookup/FH CC Salud mobile app in English and Spanish, where consumers can estimate their healthcare expenses and take advantage of a rich educational platform. FAIR Health’s consumer resources have been honored by numerous prominent organizations and publications.

A complete picture of healthcare cost and utilization in today’s marketplace

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