Grant-Funded Initiatives

Partnering to Advance Transparency and Research

Thanks to the generous support of foundations and other organizations, FAIR Health continues to expand the use of its data to power consumer-oriented tools that advance health insurance literacy, and research that informs national healthcare policy, identifies trends in clinical practice that speak to quality of care, and more.

Consumer Initiatives

New York Healthcare Online Shopping Tool (NY HOST)
Debuting in September 2017, NY HOST is a phased initiative funded by the New York State Health Foundation to help New Yorkers manage costs and compare providers based on price and quality indicators for frequently performed procedures. Goals of this initiative include:

  • Creating the state’s first free provider price and quality transparency website, offering provider-specific charges for 100 commonly billed procedures and practice attributes for providers statewide;
  • Introducing consumers to the typical services and costs comprising the course of treatment for 25 common conditions and procedures;
  • Offering quality and price information for a subset of outpatient procedures at hospitals in Buffalo, Albany, Westchester and Syracuse; and
  • Promoting awareness of the NY HOST website.

NY HOST Español (Healthcare Online Shopping Tool)
With the support of funding from the New York Community Trust, FAIR Health will create a Spanish-language mobile-optimized version of, our innovative new consumer transparency and education website, to address the needs of New York City’s Latino healthcare consumers. The 18-month project will include the translation of the site and a multi-faceted, culturally relevant campaign designed to reach New York City’s Latino population that will feature community events, media support and collaborative efforts with Latino community organizations to build awareness of the tool and explain its use.

Engage Health CT
For the Engage Health CT initiative, funded by the Connecticut Health Foundation, FAIR Health developed and disseminated FH® Cost Lookup CT/FH CC Salud CT, a free mobile app in English and Spanish, designed to improve health insurance literacy and healthcare engagement among Connecticut residents. Introduced in September 2016, the app allows consumers to estimate the costs of medical and dental services performed in Connecticut and neighboring states, offers educational articles that explain health insurance and directs users to community resources. Download the app by visiting the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Healthcare Engagement for Latino Populations (HELP)
Funded by the New York Community Trust, FAIR Health developed and promoted a Spanish-language mobile app to help New York City’s Hispanic population estimate healthcare costs and learn about health insurance. FH® CCSalud (FH Calculadora de Costos de Salud) features medical and dental cost lookup tools; educational content; and links to external resources. Launched in September 2015 and promoted through community events and digital communications, HELP generated a significant number of mobile app downloads. You can download the app by visiting the iTunes App Store or Google Play

Research-Related Projects

FAIR Health works with academics, healthcare institutions, government agencies and other researchers to explore the use of our data in health systems research on a wide range of topics—for example, how policy change impacts healthcare costs and utilization. Other examples include:

  • Understanding geographic variations and clinical patterns that underlie the opioid epidemic;
  • Studying care migration patterns of specific patient populations (e.g., those with diabetes); and
  • Developing indicators that predict healthcare costs and utilization for specific services over time.

Expanding the use of our data through consumer-oriented tools and research support

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