Official Data Source

Support for State Laws and Initiatives

State government agencies, medical societies and many other organizations turn to FAIR Health data for a true representation of market-level healthcare costs, appropriate for serving as a reference point for consumer protection and health-related laws and other programs:

  • Connecticut chose the FAIR Health repository as the official benchmarking database for determining reimbursement for emergency services received out of network, under the state’s consumer protection law.
  • New York State identified FAIR Health’s 80th percentile benchmark as a guideline for disclosing plan rules on reimbursements and as a factor for consideration in independent dispute resolution involving unexpected out-of-network bills and emergency services, as part of the state’s “surprise bill” law.

A number of other states have approached FAIR Health to discuss using our data for pending legislation related to surprise bills and out-of-network reimbursement.

In addition, a number of states, including Georgia, Kentucky and Wisconsin, have used FAIR Health data in constructing their workers’ compensation fee schedules.

States turn to FAIR Health for a true representation of market-level healthcare costs

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