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Webcast Previews Indices of Healthcare Market Trends

Offering stakeholders a new way to view, understand and gain market intelligence from emerging trends in the cost, location and frequency of healthcare procedures over time, FAIR Health has created indices that will provide unique insights into the way we deliver and pay for care nationwide. These indices will draw from billions of claims from our repository of privately billed procedures dating back to 2012, enabling tracking of trends in multiple dimensions, such as place of service and clinical service areas. Our upcoming webcast explores the features and applications of this valuable new tool.  

Entitled, “FAIR Health Market Indices: Providing Clarity in a Rapidly Changing Environment,” the session will be led by FAIR Health President Robin Gelburd and held on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, from 2 to 3 pm ET. The webcast will examine cost and frequency variation and trending profiles within various service types nationwide, on a “macro” level. Topics to be covered include:

  • Demonstrating how the indices can be used to identify, track and analyze industry trends in the utilization of places of service, including emergency room (ER), physician’s office, telehealth, home health, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and retail clinics;
  • Reviewing the evolution of the types of services commonly performed in those settings, including evaluation and management, surgery, medicine, laboratory and radiological services, and tracking their costs over time;
  • Creating custom “micro” indices that will enable users to review trends for targeted geographic regions and service areas, focusing on codes for specific services, such as ER visits and physical therapy; and
  • Using our FH® Dashboards, including visualizations and custom reports, to complement the indices and illuminate analyses related to venues of care, time period, geographic area, frequency and more.

Register to explore how FAIR Health’s indices can help shed light on healthcare utilization and cost trends that impact your organization. Space is limited; RSVP today.

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