Organizations Empowering Members with Private-Label Consumer Website

As individuals are being asked to take greater responsibility for managing their medical and dental costs, they require resources to help them understand how health coverage works and the costs they should expect, to prepare themselves for the financial impact of their decisions.

News about FAIR Health’s newly enhanced consumer transparency website,, is encouraging diverse stakeholders—from health plans to employers to government agencies—to inquire about offering a specially branded version of the site to their members, employees and constituents. Reasons that these stakeholders have cited for equipping individuals with the resources they need to make smart healthcare decisions include: appropriate benefit utilization, increased use of network services, improved member satisfaction, fewer service calls and, ultimately, lower plan costs.

Our award-winning website,, and mobile apps—in English (FH® Cost Lookup) and Spanish (FH CCSalud)—provide accessible, geographically specific estimates of the cost of medical and dental care and detailed descriptions of the workings of health insurance.

The site’s cost lookup tools, offering cost estimates based on our database of billions of claims for thousands of medical and dental procedures in 493 geographic areas nationwide, provide local-market cost information based on real claims experience. Equipped with this information, individuals can:

  • Estimate the costs they may pay for medical or dental services near where they live or work—or at the locality where they may be traveling to receive care;
  • View typical costs of medical care received either in network or out of network;
  • Learn the potential in-network and out-of-network costs for all services (sometimes known as an episode of care) related to 25 common procedures or conditions, such as diabetes treatment or hip replacement surgery;
  • Manage out-of-pocket costs when they see network providers before they have met their plan’s deductible; and

Get information to help them discuss the cost of care with their providers, and reimbursement decisions with their insurers—which can reduce the number of claims appeals.

In addition, our site’s educational content, including original articles, educational videos, a glossary and links to valuable resources, helps consumers unravel how health insurance works and apply the site’s cost estimates to support more informed healthcare decisions. The content can help them understand their bills and EoBs, decide which plan is best for them at enrollment, distinguish between care settings and more.

Cost Lookup and Educational Content Customizable to Reflect Client’s Brand

Organizations can now leverage our data and content to create a private-label version of our consumer site with their own branding, “look and feel” and messaging.  Options include:

  • Making our full consumer site available to members, customized with a client’s branding;
  • Licensing our cost-lookup tools, providing claims staff or customer service teams with immediate access to cost estimates for thousands of medical and/or dental procedures;
  • Licensing our custom-branded educational curriculum, including any of our specific FH Insurance Basics articles, videos and glossary; and
  • Licensing a FAIR Health data feed and our educational materials for use in the client’s member portal.

FAIR Health will automatically refresh the cost information on the private-label website at least twice annually, and regularly add to the site’s educational content and features.

For more information about licensing a custom-branded version of our consumer resources, contact us by email at or call us at 855-301-3247, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm ET.