FAIR Health to Launch New Urgent Care Benchmark Module

This March, FAIR Health will launch FH® Urgent Care, a new module that will add to our suite of FH® Benchmarks. FH Urgent Care will present charge benchmarks based on professional fees for services billed with CPT®1 and HCPCS codes and exclusively provided in an urgent care center.

A valuable complement to FAIR Health’s extensive suite of benchmark products, FH Urgent Care adds greater depth to understanding pricing differentials between different venues of care. FH Urgent Care enables users to compare charges billed by urgent care centers to those billed in an emergency room or hospital outpatient facility, as reflected in the FH® Medical and FH® Outpatient Facility modules. Understanding these differences can help with many strategic and operational initiatives, including fee schedule development, provider negotiation, market analyses, benefit and network design, and much more.

FH Urgent Care can provide key insights into this increasingly important site of service. Features of FH Urgent Care include:

  • Geographical representation. The claims data in FAIR Health’s database are grouped into 493 geozips—geographic areas typically based on the first three digits of a zip code or group of zip codes.
  • Broad availability. When the volume of data is insufficient to support benchmarks at the geozip level, data are aggregated to provide benchmarks for larger geographic areas at the state, regional and national levels.
  • Currency. The data are based on a current 12-month window of claims, refreshed twice a year in March and September.
  • Reliability. The data undergo rigorous validation processes to ensure their integrity.

For information on FH Urgent Care, contact FAIR Health by email at info@fairhealth.org or call 855-301-3247, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm ET.

1 CPT © 2019 American Medical Association (AMA). All rights reserved.