FAIR Health Enters into Collaborative Arrangement with National Quality Forum

FAIR Health has entered into a collaborative arrangement with the National Quality Forum. It is a prominent example of how FAIR Health joins with membership-based organizations, such as research and policy making associations, in ways that benefit their members.

The National Quality Forum (NQF) is an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based organization that brings healthcare stakeholders together to recommend quality measures and improvement strategies that reduce costs and help patients get better care.

As part of its mission to promote healthcare research, FAIR Health enters into institutional collaborations with organizations such as NQF. Such collaborations provide opportunities for institutional members to license FAIR Health’s data resources at a discount. Depending on members’ needs, the resources may include customized extracts from FH NPIC®, our database of over 25 billion privately billed healthcare claim records—the largest such repository in the country. Dating back to 2002 and updated with more than 2 billion claims annually, the database includes the contributions of payors and administrators who insure or process claims for private insurance plans covering more than 150 million individuals. Data are available that enable longitudinal tracking of healthcare services for a subset of approximately 50 million patients based on a unique, de-identified patient ID.

In addition to such customized datasets, FAIR Health licenses FH® Benchmarks, its series of benchmark data modules by service type. Benchmarks for aggregated billed charges and allowed amounts are available for 493 geographic locations across the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The modules provide benchmarks from the 50th to 95th percentiles as well as the mean (average) and mode (most commonly occurring) values.

Other opportunities for discounted licensing fees include FH Custom Analytics, which offers customized analyses and visualizations of FH NPIC data, and FH Dashboards, which presents interactive analytic and visualization tools to illuminate findings. FH Episodes of Care Benchmarks provides billed charge and allowed amount benchmarks for the range of services related to common illnesses, chronic conditions and surgeries, adjustable by comorbidities and risk factors. FAIR Health is the only independent nonprofit certified and licensed by the Altarum Institute to operate its PROMETHEUS Payment® model, which is used to identify the services that make up each episode. Member organizations that have their own data also can get discounts on FH Episodes of Care Analytics, which groups a client’s own data into episodes of care and provides detailed analyses to help evaluate provider performance and engage in detailed budgeting, among other uses.

Also available at discounted rates are FH Consumer, our suite of award-winning consumer engagement tools, and FH Medicare GapFill PLUS, which values services that are not covered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.