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Empower Healthcare Consumers


With the increasing prevalence of private and public exchanges, and the proliferation of high-deductible health plans, tiered- and narrow-network plans and other models that require greater member cost-sharing and benefit management responsibilities, helping members pick the right health plan, understand their benefits and plan for their expenses becomes even more important.


FAIR Health offers a dynamic suite of tools that give your employees, association members or health plan participants access to the guidance and information that will equip them to take charge of their health coverage - and their health. 


Help Consumers Understand Healthcare Costs


FAIR Health offers individual users healthcare decision-support tools in a range of media:

  • Consumer website

    Our award-winning consumer website, available in English (www.fairhealthconsumer.org) and Spanish (www.consumidor.fairhealth.org), offers online medical and dental cost lookup tools, plus a wide range of other healthcare information resources.

  • Mobile App  

    Available in English(FH® Cost Lookup) and Spanish(FH CCSalud), our mobile app offers convenient access via mobile phone or tablet to the same information available through our consumer website. Both versions are available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

  • Educational resources 

    Designed for users at all levels, our educational resources include FH Health Insurance 101, an original, online tutorial that offers articles on a variety of key insurance concepts; our glossary of health insurance-related and medical and dental terms; videos; and more.

  • In development: NY HOST (Healthcare Online Shopping Tool) 

    Supported by a grant from the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth), FAIR Health is developing NY HOST - a website that will help New York State consumers manage their deductibles, gain visibility into costs for complete “episodes of care” for common conditions and identify and compare providers in their respective areas based on price and practice indicators for frequently performed procedures. To sign up for updates regarding this initiative, click here.

Contact us for more information about the FAIR Health consumer engagement tools that will meet your needs.

A One-Stop Resource for Healthcare Consumers

Our consumer website, available in English (www.fairhealthconsumer.org) and Spanish (www.consumidor.fairhealth.org), offers essential educational resources and geographically specific cost information that helps consumers nationwide manage the way they use their benefits and select among plan offerings. Site features include:

  • FH Medical Cost Lookup

    A tool consumers with or without health insurance can use to estimate their out-of-pocket costs for specific medical procedures in their geographic location.

  • FH Dental Cost Lookup

    Like the FH Medical Cost Lookup, an easy-to-use tool for estimating out-of-pocket costs of specific dental procedures in a geographic location, for use by consumers with or without insurance.

  • FH Health Insurance 101

    A comprehensive, original curriculum with articles and videos that explain health insurance and reimbursement concepts in consumer-friendly language.

  • Glossary

    A compilation of brief definitions of health insurance terms and acronyms, as well as definitions of common medical and dental terms.

  • Healthcare Resources

    FAQs and links to government resources and healthcare advocacy organizations.


Offer Our Consumer Website under Your Brand

You can also choose to private-label our consumer support tools by offering the English and/or Spanish-language versions of our consumer website to your organization’s members under your corporate name and brand. If you are offering members a choice of health plans, we also can create custom dashboards to help them easily compare plan benefits and out-of-pocket costs.


Download information on customizing FAIR Health tools for your organization.

Contact us to find out more about our Consumer Website.

Healthcare Cost Information on the Go: In English and Spanish


The same healthcare cost information available through FAIR Health’s online medical and dental cost lookup tools can be accessed whenever and wherever your organization’s members or employees need it, through our free mobile phone apps: FH® Cost Lookup in English and FH® CCSalud for Spanish speakers.


Individuals can use the app on Apple or Android devices for immediate answers to questions about healthcare costs and health insurance. The apps enable them to:


  • Estimate costs for thousands of medical and dental services and related procedures near where they live or work;
  • Estimate charges, reimbursement and out-of-pocket costs for medical and dental procedures;
  • Tailor cost estimates based on different plan reimbursement provisions;
  • Browse common medical and dental procedures by category;
  • Read original educational articles from our FH Health Insurance 101 curriculum to learn how insurance plans and reimbursement work; and
  • Access a glossary of easy-to-understand explanations of health insurance and reimbursement concepts.

The FH® CCSalud mobile app was created under FAIR Health’s Healthcare Engagement for Latino Populations (HELP) program, funded by the New York Community Trust. For more information, please contact us at consumer@fairhealth.org



Are you part of a community organization?

Help us spread the word about the free FH® Cost Lookup/FH® CCSalud app in your community. Download and share the free public service announcements and flyers shown below on your organization’s website. For further opportunities for collaboration, please contact us at info@fairhealth.org

Flyers (Spanish and English):

Tools to Help Members Select a Plan and Manage Their Benefits


By integrating FAIR Health’s market data into existing plan selection and management tools, insurers, employers and other organizations can help educate their membership about the financial impact of their healthcare choices and guide their health plan selection and ongoing health benefits management.


Organizations can:


  • Offer plan participants self-service tools fueled by FAIR Health cost data that enable them to understand their benefits and control their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.
  • Equip customer service representatives (CSRs) with FAIR Health tools that will enable them to respond effectively to member questions about plan design and treatment costs.


Both approaches result in better-informed members, and, at the same time, may offset administrative costs.


FAIR Health licenses data and consumer engagement tools in multiple formats to best meet clients’ needs:


  • Unlimited cost lookup license.

    A license for the FH Consumer Cost Lookup offers organizations’ CSRs unlimited access to the site to assist plan members in estimating the costs of care. Using our cost lookup tools, representatives can help members understand the cost differential between in- and out-of-network cost sharing, plan for their out-of-pocket costs when seeing an out-of-network provider, make informed decisions when considering a visit to the emergency department for non-urgent care, minimize claims appeals, and more.

  • A private-label version of our consumer site.

    Clients can customize our consumer site to present it under their corporate brand and make it available for their members’ use. In addition to the medical and dental cost lookup tools, a private-label site offers the FH Health Insurance 101 curriculum of original articles explaining health coverage and insurance reimbursement in easy-to-understand language.

  • Presenting FAIR Health cost information through online enrollment platforms.

    FAIR Health cost data provided through an in-house enrollment platform, along with corresponding customized plan comparison dashboards, can enable members to compare enrollment options based on type of plan, ongoing cost-sharing responsibility and benefit design.

  • Presenting FAIR Health benchmark data through member self-service portals.

    Members can utilize FAIR Health data through self-service portals to understand plan design features, such as contrasting in-network and out-of-network costs. Organizations also can include cost profiles for specific treatments, e.g., diabetes, that outline expenses typically incurred for management of these conditions.


Contact us for more information about licensing FAIR Health’s plan selection and management tools.

Tools to Help Plan Members Manage Their Benefits


As health plans that require greater member cost-sharing -- including high deductible health plans -- continue to proliferate, helping members understand their benefits and cost-sharing responsibilities becomes even more important.


By integrating FAIR Health market data into existing plan management tools, organization's can offset significant administrative costs by offering plan participants self-service tools that enable them to understand their benefits and control their out-of-pocket healthcare costs without the assistance of plan administrative staff.


Through an Application Programming Interface (API), FAIR Health can provide organizations with market data that can be integrated into existing plan management tools and member portals to help consumers better understand the financial impact of their healthcare choices.


Contact us for more information about the FAIR Health plan management tools that will meet your needs.

Empowering Consumers to Be Wise Users of Healthcare Benefits


Consumers’ understanding of health insurance and reimbursement concepts is critical to their ability to select the plan that works best for them and understand reimbursement options and their impact on out-of-pocket costs, all of which contribute to making informed healthcare choices.

FH Health Insurance 101 Curriculum Designed for Users at All Levels

Our healthcare-related curriculum features original articles and videos that explain complex insurance concepts in easy-to-understand language. To make the content accessible, the articles are organized with a tiered structure: users can search by general category, read a brief summary, or, if they choose, read the full article.

Articles address more than 30 topics, including:


  • What factors should you consider when selecting a health plan?
  • How do you manage expenses under a high-deductible health plan?
  • What is a flexible spending plan?
  • What are narrow and tiered networks?
  • Why is it possible to be billed for an out-of-network provider at an in-network facility?
  • What is the difference between emergency care and urgent care?



Our consumer website also offers glossaries of common health insurance terms and healthcare procedures and links to healthcare services and resources from government agencies and consumer advocacy groups.


Contact us for more information about FAIR Health educational resources that will meet your needs.