FAIR Health

Building Our Data Resources


FAIR Health’s medical and dental charge database is a dynamic resource comprised of over 23 billion claims for services in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, received from more than 60 insurers, TPAs and other payors that cover over 150 million individuals.


To keep our data current with the marketplace and to maximize the value of the products we offer, FAIR Health maintains an ongoing data contribution program through which our clients continuously add new claims records to our repository.


FAIR Health encourages clients who license our data to become data contributors. A large data pool enhances the utility of our standard benchmarking data products and fuels the creation of a wide variety of custom analytics and dashboards that support strategic decision making and other functions. And, as a data contributor, licensees enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

Data Security


FAIR Health places the highest priority on the security of our contributors’ data. We apply rigorous protocols to de-identify all patient information, ensure complete patient confidentiality and protect all data in accordance with the HIPAA’s “safe harbor” rule and other requirements. We also exclude from our database products any information that could identify a specific plan or contributor. 



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Make a Difference by Adding Your Data


FAIR Health’s clients depend upon our products to present the broadest range of claims data available anywhere. By contributing your data, you help expand the size and scope of the database and maximize its value to our clients—including your organization. 


Earn Credits toward Licensing Fees


In keeping with our commitment to maintaining a robust, comprehensive database, FAIR Health offers eligible data contributors credits against data licensing fees. Your credits can offset up to 50 percent of your licensing fees for each product renewal term beginning after the data are accepted into the program. Credits vary depending upon the type, amount and quality of the claims data you provide.




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 Other Benefits


By becoming a FAIR Health data contributor, your organization can also enjoy: 


  • A suite of data reports featuring more granular cuts of data that will allow comparison of your organization’s data to FAIR Health’s repository—available to you at no cost;

  • The value of having your organization’s billed charges included in the database that is used as the industry-standard reference point for reimbursement;

  • The availability of data that can inform your transition from a volume-based method of payment to value-based reimbursement;

  • Feedback on the quality of your data submission to help you identify coding anomalies or other factors that could be remediated with your provider network(s) or internal processes;

  • The option of having your organization identified as a FAIR Health data contributor—plus the opportunity to display a FAIR Health Contributor medallion in your marketing materials that highlight your participation in our data contribution program; and

  • The knowledge that you are “part of the solution” in advancing the movement towards cost transparency and fairness in healthcare reimbursement.



Who Is Eligible to Contribute?


Our clients rely on FAIR Health data to provide a rich array of geographically specific benchmark products and custom analytics. To avoid duplication of claims within the database, FAIR Health limits participation in our data contribution program to health plans, insurance carriers and third party administrators that license FAIR Health data products.

How to Enroll


To speak to a FAIR Health representative about enrolling in the data contribution program, contact FAIR Health by e-mail or call FAIR Health client services toll-free at 1-855-301-3247, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm ET.


Contact us  for more information about our data contribution program.

Support from the FAIR Health Data Team


After you enroll as a contributor, the FAIR Health data team will provide guidance to your organization to keep your administrative tasks to a minimum—for example, we ensure that the dataset requirements and submission process are easy to understand and simple to follow. We will work closely with you to establish a test file and then test the file transfer protocols to get your organization’s data contribution up and running. We will also monitor your contributions and provide feedback on the quality of the submission, as needed.

Data Submission Guidelines


FAIR Health requires that data contributors attest that their submissions comply with the following guidelines:


  • Data fields in the contribution files have not been manipulated, supplemented or pre-edited;

  • Data have not been submitted previously;

  • Data do not contain any duplication within or across submissions;

  • Zip codes reflect where the service was performed;

  • Contributed data are consistent with the data field definitions provided by FAIR Health; and

  • Submissions include data for claims for all service types processed by the organization—inpatient, outpatient, professional, pharmacy and dental.



Contact us for more information about our data contribution program.